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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Myphone Shades BM2 Duo in Pink?

Myphone BM2 Duo Pink, Dual SIM, Myphone, MP3 BM2 Duo is a bar phone from Myphone with a dual band 900 and 1800 MHz, and of course it has a dual SIM capability like any other Myphone Cellphone on the market. This cellphone looks like an Oversized 4th Generation Ipod, pretty cool for a phone. This Cellphone is not capable of WiFi but u can still surf the web using it's WAP 2.0 browser and GPRS. Its price is just right for a cellphone that offers a portable music and simple elegant style. This cellphone comes in 3 colors Pink, Purple, and Orange. price range from Php 2,999 to 3,499
Here is the full specifications of a BM2 Duo Cellphone from Myphone:

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