Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nokia N9 with Meego 1.2 OS specs


Nokia N9, Nokia N9 specs and reviewThe new Nokia N9 offers endless possibilities. It features a free navigation in 90 countries all over the world and comes with a drive app that makes sure that you’ll never get lost again. It has a 3.9” WVGA (854 x 480) AMOLED display with curved Gorilla glass. Nokia N9’s body is made of molded polycarbonate material together with a simple design is very nice.
Nokia N9 runs a Meego 1.2 Harmattan that was quite simple an easy. it also has an 8 megapixel auto-focus camera with Carl Zeiss lens and 2x LED flash.

Dual SIM TW8 Duo from Myphone


Myphone TW8 Duo, WiFi phone, Myphone TW8 specs and price, reviewThe Myphone TW8 Duo is a full touch phone with a 3.2” 240x400 pixels capacitive screen. Like most of other Myphone this TW8 Duo has a dual stand-by SIM and tri-band frequency range. The TW8 Duo is also equipped with WiFi so you can surf the web whenever there’s a WiFi hotspot. It has only one color, black and is available for PhP 4,999.00

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Myphone SQ21 Duo cellphone specs and price

Myphone SQ21, SQ21 cellphone, SQ21 specs and price, myphone swarovski crystalThe Myphone SQ21 Duo is a dual SIM Qwerty phone with a keypad that is horizontally-straight, it has a 2.4” display and a WAP 2.0 browser. Myphone is included in their S series phones, that has a Swarovski Zirconia on some of its function keys. This SQ21 cellphone doesn’t have a WiFi but it’s still very affordable. Myphone is also offering a 4GB microSD with Pinoy contents v2 for an additional PhP 500.00

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Myphone SW28 Duo specs and price

Myphone SW28, Myphone SW28 specification and price features, swarovski myphone
The Myphone SW28 Duo is a Dual SIM Full Touch Phone with WiFi it also features a Button with Swarovski Zirconia crystal. This model is one of the Swarovski Series introduced by Myphone. The Myphone SW28 Duo is a tri-band phone with a 2.8” TFT 240 x 320 screen. It is only available in on color white and the price of Myphone SW28 Duo is about PhP 4,999.00 + additional Php 500.00 for a 4GB microSD with Pinoy Contents v2.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Myphone T23 Wifi Duo Specs and Price


Myphone T23 WiFi Duo, touchscreen phone, specification, review, priceMyphone T23 Duo is a full touchscreen phone with Dual SIM capability and a WiFi. This Myphone T23 Duo look like a Samsung Corby and offers plenty of apps including Java, Google search, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Opera Mini, Facebook, Twitter, Games, World Clock, Health, Stopwatch, E-book reader. The ringing melody of this Myphone can be changed to MP3, True Tones, MIDI, or WAV. This Myphone has a very afforbale price, T23 WiFi Duo is available in colors black and white.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Myphone T18 Duo touchscreen specification

Myphone T18 Duo, specification review, touch phone
T18 Duo is a touchscreen phone from Myphone that offers a dual-standby SIM with web applications like Facebook and Twitter. It’s rinnging melody can either be changed to a MP3, MIDI, or WAV format. This Myphone T18 Duo has a 2.4” TFT QVGA screen with 240 x 320 resolution. Though it’s a touch screen phone it doesn’t have a WiFi and uses only WAP to browse the net, but it’s still a good phone with a stylish physique. The Myphone T18 Duo has a very affordable price of PhP 1,999.00 with an additional PhP 500.00 You can get a 4GB micro SD card with pinoy content v2 and available in colors coffee red, pink, wine red, champagne, orange, and violet.

TW1 Duo

Myphone TW1 Duo, touch phone,  cheap cellphoneThe TW1 Duo from myphone is a dual SIM full touch phone with Wifi touch trackpad. it’s phonebook can store 1000 entries in it’s internal memory. TW1 Duo myphone is available in colors coffee, pink, and black. this myphone price starts at PhP3,488.00 and additional PhP 500.00 for a 4GB memory card with pinoy content v2.

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