Thursday, October 18, 2018

How to root Asus Zenfone Max Z010D


 Rooting provides power to the user over their devices improve the battery life and speeds, you can also underclock or overclock you phone and even the most simplest task of removing pre-installed apps on your phone to free up some space.

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 These are just a few benefits of rooting your device, Oh almost forgot you can use some apps that your unrooted device can't run
one of the best reasons why I root mine.

 I just recently rooted my device which is an old Asus Zenfone Maxx Z010D which was released a couple of years ago.
I love the battery life on this smartphone.

 Before trying these steps please be reminded that this may not work for every one so please proceed at your own risk. By rooting your phone’s warranty will be void.

 So lets start I’m gonna go over the steps on what i did to root the phone:
1. Download and install this app on your device this will unlock Bootloader on your Asus Zenfone Max Z010D

2. Gather all the needed resources and downloads the needed files everything will be in this link.

click on the link

3.  Extract the Zip files on your computer:

4. From the "drivers" folder, install DPinst_x64.exe or DPinst_x84.exe depending on your computer OS. 

5. Copy the contents inside the "ww_root" folder and paste it inside "tools" folder. 

6. Power off the Asus Zenfone Max 

7. Press Power button and the Volume up to boot into CSC mode.

8. Connect the Asus Zenfone Max to the computer using the USB cable. The phone should be in CSC mode (from step 6)
9. On the Computer, go to the "tools" folder, and press "SHIFT + Right-click" in any blank area in the window, then select "Open Command Window here".

This will open the command prompt at that directory.
10. Make sure the phone is still connected to the computer by USB and is still in CSC mode.
Type the following commands:

Command 1: 

D:\Asus Rooting\tools\fastboot erase system

Command 2: 

D:\Asus Rooting\tools\fastboot flash system system.img
This will take some time. Wait till completion. 

 Command 3: 
D:\Asus Rooting\tools\fastboot reboot
The phone will now reboot.
The phone can be disconnected from the computer now.

All done, now to test it download rootchecker on play store and run it. This will confirm if your device has been rooted.
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