Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Myphone Android Trade in madness Returns!!

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Yes! The Trade in madness is back and you can exchange your old and cheap mobile phone for Android phones from Myphone, not just that you can also select from five android phone models. This is the best and the newest trade in madness from Myphone.

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Hurry-up because it will last only till Sept. 16, 2012
Here's the Promo Mechanics:

1. Customer can avail of the promo by surrendering a mobile phone of any brand or model, working or non-working, in exchange for a
TS1 Duo at the price of P 2,599.00,
A618 Duo at the price of P2, 999.00,
A818 Duo at the TRADE UP price of P3, 399.00,
A828 Duo at the price of P3, 999.00,
A858 Duo for the price of P4, 499.00.

2. Phone to be traded-in should include its battery pack.

3. Phone that is broken down into separate parts will not be accepted.

4. The SRP price of each unit is: TS1 Duo P3,999.00, A618 Duo P3,599.00, A818 Duo P3,999.00, A828 Duo P4,499.00 and A858 Duo P4,999.00

5. Promo period is from August 30-September 16,2012


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